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Low HMF value

HMF (Hydroxymethylfurfural) is formed by the breakdown product of fructose. Increase in honey’s HMF is usually caused by heating of the honey. It also increases during the long-time storage. acceptable HMF in honey ranges from 0 to 60mg/kg. Our value usually lies on the lower end of the spectrum. This means that the product is very close to the state it is in the hive. Lower the value, more enzyme activity and healing power can be expected.

Seasonal & Limited batches

Our honey is not farmed. This means our honey is seasonal and that volume of product is limited and makes the Maksika honey very exclusive. This ensures that the bees have enough honey for themselves throughout the year.

Pristine natural environment

Although only about 22% of India is under forest cover, 100% of our honey comes from regions under forest cover or forest like natural environment be it orchards or plantations.

Use in Traditional medication

In India, honey is traditionally used to alleviate the cold symptoms, help with digestive problems and also externally on rashes and burns. It is also part of several traditional household remedies.


Maksika Honey Products

Welcome To Maksika Honey

Where is our honey coming from?

At Maksika Honey, we have partnered with a select handful of small apiaries to offer high quality honey. This means our honey comes from forested or forest like areas that are far away from any pollution.

Our beekeepers have years of experience on taking care of the bees and are devoted to organic beekeeping which enables the bees to have the best possible living environment.

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Honey

The aim of our unique packaging is to truly reflect the beauty and pureness of organic honey. Our signature wooden caps are handcrafted by a small carpenters workshop with all efforts made to make the caps more durable. Inside the wooden caps is a metal lid which means honey is not in direct contact with wood.