Our Philosophy

We have made a set of promises not just to you, our customers but ourselves as well. Those set of rules is what makes Maksika what it is.

Finding The Best Home

We’ve always gone to great lengths to make sure there are no contaminants in our honey. Hives are carefully placed in India’s incredibly remote, green back country – where the air’s clean and the Flowers blooming. Good news. For bees and you.

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In Safety We Trust

It’s all ours, until it’s all yours. We only sell honey which we would like to eat ourselves – all our batches are independently tested and approved to ensure quality at every step from bee to you and that it stays that way.

In Search Of Paradise

To find their preferred nectar, a bee will fly 6-10 km each day in any direction. We make sure she can access the highest concentrations of Flower nectar around themselves to cut short their travelling time and increase their foraging time.

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Friends, With Benefits

To bring you honey from India’s best locations, we go out of our way to make sure all stakeholders get a fair deal. Our relationships are built on honesty, trust and knowledge sharing. How else can we stay true to our philosophy?