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It all started when

Pritesh Shah, Co-Founder, Maksika Honey

Pritesh Shah

Founder of Maksika

Ever since my college days, I’ve always wanted to do something related to gastronomy. An MBA with a very brief stint with corporate life and a much longer journey with my family business ever since wasn’t enough to put that dream to rest. As a bonsai curator, anything natural has always been of interest and it was the same when I first met a beekeeper through a mutual friend. Honestly that’s what started it all. As someone who’s been involved with plants for some years now, I understand the importance of bees to the ecosystem very well. I’m a passionate person and the thought of combining my interest in gastronomy with my desire to do something for bees got me excited. The thought of giving it a try came to mind and so we did.

Rishabh Shah

Founder of Maksika

It was a few years ago when I decided to take a leap and put my corporate career on hold for a while. After working for a few years in glass buildings, tiny cubicles and late night schedules, I left my consulting job and returned back home to Ahmedabad. It was a couple of years back when I first tried some artisanal honey at a farmers market and was hooked, both to the pure raw honey and the fascinating bees who create it. Fast forward to late last year and several hundred meetings, conversations, articles and videos later, I quickly realized that most of us love honey but do not understand what goes into making it. The idea of creating a brand that talks bee happiness, and makes them a part of our everyday lives, stayed with me and ultimately that’s how Maksika came to be.

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