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India's Finest Honey

Pure mountain air. Pristine wilderness. Nectar laden flowers.
And happy, healthy bees. Pure and Local Honey.

Maksika Honey is unheated and untreated, just as nature intended it to be, giving you a sensorial experience unlike any. 

Our honey is seasonal, and sourced from only wild or organic floral sources from biodiversity hotspots across the country where our bees can live in peace and harmony in what is possibly some of the world’s most pristine natural environments.

And it’s not just our honey that’s a pleasant surprise. The delight is in the details after all. From our signature wooden lids handcrafted by carpenters to durable glass jars from a renowned glass factory, our packaging is a work of great craftsmanship delivered with love and care.

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As a Bee-First company, the health of our bees matters the most. Because just like us, bees do their best work when they’re at their happiest.

Healthy Bees For Healthy Honey.

Maksika Honey Ethically Sourced
Maksika Honey 100 Natural
Maksika Honey No Additives
Maksika Honey Single Origin
Made by Nature Honey

Our Product - Pure Honey

Our carefully curated selection is collected by partner beekeepers belonging to small apiaries and indigenous tribes, some with experience in beekeeping for over 5 generations, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our nectar gatherers.

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