Black Forest Honey

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Type: Multifloral

Flavour: Strong, fruity with slightly bitter undertone

Colour: Dark Amber

Nectar Source: Geraniums, wild strawberries, wild rose, java plum, honeydew

Bee: Apis Dorsata

Harvesting Season: April – June

Annual Production: 1000 Kgs

Region of Origin: Himalayan Sivaliks

Pairing: Drizzle on roasted nuts, great with muffins or cookies


Black Forest Honey

A strong and penetrating woody aroma with a licorice finish is the highlight of Black Forest Honey.

It is predominantly darkened by the presence of melata, commonly known as honeydew, a sugar-rich sticky liquid, secreted by aphids and some scale insects.

The taste of Black Forest Honey is marked by notes of the fullness of a juicy java plum, the subtle hints of gooseberry and white musli against a background of cooked cane sugar.

Where is Black Forest Honey harvested?

The Himalayan Sivaliks or the outer Himalayas is the forested region in the Bihar – Nepal border region.

The tharu tribe is local to the area and have been gatherers and foragers since generations in the region.

The higher altitude and pristine dense forest ensure an equilibrium even in themselves as it has a mix of deciduous forests, grasslands and swamps.

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3 reviews for Black Forest Honey

  1. Sandesh

    The best honey I have used. Being a great lover of honey for long, I have used a number of reputed Indian brands, but this one stands apart among all others. It has a very original taste and aroma. The packing and logistics was superb . I strongly recommend it to all.

  2. Ankita

    Lovely flavors! I tried the one with a hint of tulsi, it tastes so good! And what attractive packaging, loved it!

  3. Jeet

    I am honestly not a big fan of honey and had no clue it comes in such varieties . I happened to taste one at my friends place as she was raving about this new brand – maksika. Well I instantly developed the taste for it . Definitely a must try !

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