Wild Tulsi Honey

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Type: Monofloral

Flavour: Slightly strong with floral undertones

Colour: Light Yellow to Colourless

Nectar Source: Ocimum canum / Wild Himalayan Tulsi / Holy Basil

Bee: Apis Mellifera

Harvesting Season: October – November

Annual Production: 700 Kgs

Region of Origin: Madhya Pradesh

Pairing: Herbal mixtures / Chai


Wild Tulsi Honey

Wild Tulsi honey is a dark amber honey, it brings to the nose the smell of caramel popcorn and apricot jam. In the mouth there is an evident taste of fennel and dried prunes. The palate is enveloped by the opulence and of a mouth freshening tones.

Tulsi or Holy Basil is one of the most sacred plants in Hinduism with a plant grown in or around most Hindu homes.

The variety grown in Kashmir is both farmed and wild and used for various medicinal applications.

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2 reviews for Wild Tulsi Honey

  1. Krunal

    I loved the combination of honey and tulsi. More importantly, both my kid and my mother liked it and found this to have the right blend of tulsi and honey. Considering we all know that the various benefits of tulsi and honey, I would definitely have this as my daily breakfast intake to boost my immunity. I perfomed various in-home tests to check the genuine nature of the product and hands down this cleared it all. Thanks Maksika for coming up with this natural product. I would surely recommend this product to all honey lovers !

  2. Karishma

    Tulsi is an immunity booster as we all know, but consuming tulsi from a plant everyday is very tedious. Maksika blends tulsi with another immunity booster honey, and that’s the perfect dose of health you would like to consumer every morning. Not just the health aspect, but taste too is flavourful – must have in every home!

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