Karanj Honey


Type: Mono floral

Flavour: Mild

Colour: Amber

Nectar Source: Millettia pinnata / Pongamia pinnata / Karanj / Indian Beech

Bee: Apis Mellifera

Harvesting Season: April – May

Annual Production: 700 Kgs

Region of Origin: Jharkhand

Pairing: Replacement for Jams, spread on toast or dizzle on yoghurt / leafy salads


Karanj Honey

Karanj Honey is the mildest honey in our hive. This light amber coloured honey has a light floral aroma vaguely reminding one of a walk in the garden.

Light on the palate as well with faint undertones of jaggery and a silky finish of a vanilla lollipop in the mouth.

Karanj or the Indian Beech is more popularly known for its oil which is used in a wide range of applications while its fruits and juices are used in traditional remedies due to its antiseptic properties.

It is also used as a landscaping option given its foliage and its clusters of white, purple, and pink flowers blossoming throughout the year.

The Karanj honey can be easily digested. It can also be recommended for smaller children. Karanj honey possess an amazing power to cure skin-related illnesses.


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