Golden Hill Honey

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Type: Multifloral

Flavour: Sweet, Light, Floral / Fruity undertone depending on season

Colour: Light Yellow to dark brown depending on season

Nectar Source: Orchid, Daisy, Jamun, Plum, Pomegranate, Wild Ixora, herbs etc

Bee: Apis Dorsata & Apis Cerana Indica

Harvesting Season: February – March / October – November

Annual Production: 300-500 Kgs

Region of Origin: Nilgiris / Kodaikanal

Pairing: Add to fresh butter, whip it up and spead on toast or rolls. Add to any smoothie or drizzle over pancakes or waffles


The different nectars that go into this “meditative” Golden Hill Honey; orchids, daisy, jamun, plum and miscellaneous herbs, give it a resplendent amber color.

Golden Hill Honey can be equated as ‘children of the flowers’, and their botanical makeup throws open the secrets of the place they come from.

Golden Hill honey, as compared to the Mountain Honey, is often reminiscent of herbal aroma, an elegant and pronounced scent. Sweet, it has a long and fresh finish, which completes the sensory cycle.

The Nilgiris of the Western Ghat biosphere are one of the top biodiversity spots of the country. A fascinating ecosystem of hill systems and the unique tribes which inhabit the region ensure its uniqueness.

Just for reference, there a minimum of 175 recorded species of orchids alone in the region. Possibly why it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2012.

The Irular & Kattu Naya tribes harvest the honey from the forests using age old traditional methods ensuring honey in the purest natural state possible.

1 review for Golden Hill Honey

  1. Shloka Sharma

    Very subtle Nilgiri flavours. This honey was a great experience with coffee. Would recommend to everyone!

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