Kerala Rainforest Honey


Type: Multifloral

Flavour: Strong, moist and sweet

Colour: Colourless to Light Amber

Nectar Source:  Cherry, gooseberry, jujube, coffee, wild sage, passion flower

Bee: Apis Cerana Indica

Harvesting Season: January to March

Annual Production: 1000 Kgs

Region of Origin: Idukki Region, Kerala

Pairing: Slather on root vegetables, sprinkle a little thyme and bake. Also great with a fresh coffe grind


Archetypes of the complexity of honey varietals, wildflower honey are the product of an infinite combination of nectars, whose combinations of colors, scents and aromas are storytellers of the habitats they come from.

Fruited, floral, mentholated, tannic, caramelized, vanilla, bitter, undergrowth, balsamic, astringent, salty, phenolic, malted, plant, licorice, liquid or creamy smooth. The structure of Kerala Rainforest Honey itself changes every season depending on the time of harvest.

The fertile and well-watered lands of Kerala are known for the quality of spice and fruits produced. The forest types comprise thorny scrub forests, dry deciduous forests, high sholas and wet grasslands providing for a whole range of foraging options.

In Fact, the hill slopes of the Kerala region are also famous for the coffee plantations which often merge with the surrounding forests.


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