Kashmiri White Honey

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Type: Monofloral

Flavour: Sweet, Light, Vanilla floral

Colour: Light Yellow to Amber

Nectar Source: Robinia Pseudoacacia / Kashmiri Acacia

Bee: Apis Mellifera

Harvesting Season: June – July

Annual Production: 500 Kgs

Region of Origin: Kashmir

Pairing: Chamomile or white tea, fresh ricotta cheese


Kashmiri White Honey

Aroma of acacia and white spring flowers, with hints of pine and sycamore.

To the palate it is sweet and silken, and even a quick whiff confirms the full range of different olfactory sensations, revealing a fresh note of chestnut.

With very high in fructose content, Kashmiri White Honey is the sweetest and most hygroscopic of honeys.

This tree does not actually belong to the acacia family, apparent by the term pseudo in its name. It was originally mistaken to be part of the acacia family given the shape of its leaves and flowers and hence its name.

Popularly known as the black locust, this thorny tree can be found commonly in the wild and is also used as decorative trees across the globe.

The white flowers produce pods containing beans and the flower themselves are edible.

The honey lasts as a liquid longer due to being high on fructose.

2 reviews for Kashmiri White Honey

  1. Simran Banga

    Amazing flavour. My favourite from the entire portfolio. Its perfectly sweet and actually tastes great with ricotta as suggested. Wonderful experience. Cheers!

  2. Suresh

    This honey blend has an aromatic flavour, and is the most calm and pleasant of all blends that I tasted. It has a very cool feel to it, perfect for a refreshing start to the day.

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