Orange Blossom Reserve Honey

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Type: Monofloral

Flavour: Sweet, Light, Floral

Colour: Light Yellow to Colourless

Nectar Source: Citrus reticulate / Mandarin Orange

Bee: Apis Cerana Indica

Harvesting Season: November to January

Annual Production: 500 Kgs

Region of Origin: Khasi Hills, Cherrapunjee Region, Meghalaya (Mawphu Village / Khatarshnong Vilage)

Pairing: Semi firm, aged cheeses, White peony or Earl grey tea, Lemonade


Orange Blossom Reserve Honey

The aroma of orange blossoms characterize this honey, along with the notes of wild Himalayan cherry and pines. Our Orange Blossom Reserve Honey is mildly sweet to the palate, with floral notes complemented by a slightly citrusy undertone inviting additional tastes.

The Mandarin Orange is one of the original citrus species – the ancestor of many hybrid citrus fruits available today. The Khasi Mandarin Orange in fact has a GI tag associated with it, representing the unique specialty of the fruit in Meghalaya.

The Khasi tribe who farm the fruit, still use age old methods of cultivation and harvesting which means the produce is completely chemicals and pesticides free i.e. completely organic.

The tribal Khasi women beekeepers who collect the honey still employ a mix of traditional method of beekeeping using “Ksing” (hollow piece of wooden logs) and scientific bee boxes to rear the bees.

3 reviews for Orange Blossom Reserve Honey

  1. Ravi Kamdar (verified owner)

    It is very difficult to find pure honey in the market. I have tried 4-5 different brands but Maksika is the top notch honey. Good part is that it is sourced locally from Indian forests. Orange flavored honey tastes so good, one would just eat honey alone without any pairings. The thickness, color and richness of honey is tempting.
    Me and my family eat this honey every morning – either with tea or haldi/adarakh water. Sometimes in the evening, we eat this honey with Poodla and pancakes.
    I would definitely recommend this honey as believe in eating pure and authentic anytime over mass produced and factory manufactured honey !

  2. Ellie

    I particularly bought this product after trying Saffron honey(strongly recommend)! The quality of the product continued to impress me with the fact that it is sourced locally. Flavoured honey is a rare find in India and particularly pure ones hence I always sourced it from my friends abroad. Thanks to Maksika we have our own home grown classic authentic taste delivered right!

  3. Vishal

    Citrus with honey is a unique blend as it adds tanginess to the sweet flavour of honey. Also vitamin C is a must to keep us away from the pandemic. Taste and health go hand in hand with this one from Maksika. Kids will surely love this dose of happiness.

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